The Biker Spirit Never Dies

The first thing that Breaker noticed was that the red glass candle holder had been straightened, the candle burning brightly inside. It now illuminated the memorial with a soft red glow. The biker with the limp walked up to Breaker and said “Look at the names up there”.

Breaker could now see that there was a name written on a plate in the center of each wheel, the names were “KENNY” and “FUZZY”! Breaker stood there stunned as the man explained to him that on this very spot, two years ago, on this very night, Kenny and Fuzzy where killed in a blue pickup truck just like the one he described.

Suddenly the clouds seemed to disappear and in the light of the full moon, a tall slim biker walked out of the group and without a word handed Breaker a round patch. On it, stitched in black on a white background, where the words: “IN THE MEMORY OF KENNY & FUZZ”. Breaker humbly accepted the patch with shaking hands. He then stood in the light of the full moon and watched as the group mounted their machines and roared off into the cool clear night.

Breaker never forgot that incident, and wore that patch on his vest for the rest of his life in memory of the two biker spirits that had come to his aid on a dark and lonely road in the middle of the night. And that old Panhead he rode? Well, it never gave him another minutes problem or any trouble what so ever. It ran like it was new all the time, and from then on always started with the first kick.

© 1993 “Tommy Barrios”

Authors Note: This story is dedicated to the memory of Kenny and Fuzzy who where killed on Malabar Road in Brevard County, Florida. If you are ever in this area, stop and pay your respects at their memorial and then drop by and say hello the folks at MO’s just down the road at US 1 and Malabar Rd.


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