The Biker Spirit Never Dies

As they cleared the porch and started to walk out to his errant steed the full moon broke through the clouds and a large ray of moonlight circled his bike. The bike seemed to glow in the night like a glow-in-the-dark toy, but this was no toy! It seemed as if the bike had been transformed. Every metal part shone in the dark like a star and the painted parts looked they had been freshly painted.

The pan shaped valve covers on the heads, for which the engine is named, shined with an intensity all their own. It was as if the light emanated from them instead of reflected. Breaker stood frozen for moment as the rest of the bikers milled around his machine in awe. Breaker finally got up the nerve to approach the machine he had ridden for so many years and come to know inside and out.

The ole’ boy with the limp said to Breaker “Try ta Start ‘er up, lets see what’s wrong with her”.
Breaker just looked at him for a moment and said “It won’t run, it just quit back up the road!”
“Try to start it anyway” said another “It’s been sitting here for awhile, maybe it’ll start.”

Breaker was beginning to think they were having a joke at his expense but nobody was smiling, just serious intent looks all around. Reluctantly he slung his leg over the saddle and moved the kick starter into position, he turned on the ignition and raised himself up to his full height and came down hard on the kicker expecting the usual non-response. The kick starter never even reached bottom before the old Panhead roared to life with a new vitality it never had before.

As he twisted the throttle, Breaker was amazed at how powerful the engine seemed and three inch blue flames stabbed out of the shotgun pipes as he revved it up. The same rush that he had experienced the first time he held on to the handle bars and twisted the throttle 32 years before, coursed through his body like liquid fire.

He turned off the motor and sat there astounded and bewildered. No one said anything they just stood around and smiled. The guy with the limp said “Come on with us”, and walked over to his FLH with a side hack.

Everyone went to their bikes and soon they where all heading back up the road with Breaker following close behind. He was surprised to see that they pulled up to the very spot where he had broke down and was rescued by the two friendly bikers in that blue pickup. The whole group formed a semi circle around the roadside memorial Breaker had noticed before hearing the mystery truck pull up behind him. They all dismounted and walked respectfully towards the memorial.

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