The Biker Spirit Never Dies

Breaker didn’t seem to care anymore, he was tired and the soothing sound of the engine and the cigarette were beginning to take effect on his road weary body. Just as he was beginning to really relax, the truck seemed to fly over a railroad crossing but without the expected bump and jolt. Within seconds after, they were turning into the sand driveway of what appeared to be an old Florida “Cracker” house with a small sign out front that said simply “MO’s”. There were several bikes parked out back but there was no one around.

“Probably all inside keeping warm from the on coming cold front ”, he thought. He noted that the slight chill had started soon after Kenny and Fuzzy picked him up. He was sure glad they had come along when they did.

Without a moments hesitation Kenny and Fuzzy jumped out the truck and unloaded his bike as easily and deftly as it had been loaded. Breaker then offered to pay them and to buy them a beer inside, but they both declined saying they had another place to be and were late already. Breaker still tried to push money into their hands but they would have none of it, saying they did not need it where they where going. Breaker watched in awe as they jumped back in the truck and pulled out onto the road to head back the way they came. He thought, “There goes two great guys, the epitome of what every biker should be”.

As the truck straightened out in the road, the engine suddenly came to life with the same power Breaker had heard and felt when riding in back, but this time the power seemed to have doubled. Suddenly blue smoke boiled from under both rear tires and the truck reared up in the road. The flames on the hood now licked and danced along the whole truck as it shot off like a AA fuel dragster. Amazed Breaker watched as the truck went down the road like a juggernaut flying into the air as it hit the railroad tracks and disappeared into the night.

Just before the blue demon truck took off though, Kenny leaned out the window and yelled over the roar of the engine, “By the way, your old man says: Hello and keep the shiny side up.” Breaker just stood there for awhile dazed, shaking his head, wondering how he was going to tell his brothers back at the club this story without looking foolish and without them thinking he had gotten hold of bad whiskey or drugs.

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