The Biker Spirit Never Dies

He bent over to search for his flashlight in the saddle bag and at that moment looked over and saw what appeared to be some kind of decoration on the side of the road. The light from the full moon was almost gone behind the clouds, so he walked over to get a closer look. When he got close enough he could see by the pale light remaining that it was some kind of roadside memorial. It appeared to be two wheels each dressed with a wreath on an iron cross. At the bottom was a red glass candle holder, extinguished and leaning to one side.

Suddenly at that moment he heard what sounded like a high performance V8 engine come up behind him. He quickly turned and what appeared to be an early fifties GM pickup pulled up along side his bike. He could see the truck was a faded glowing bluish color with flames painted on the hood that seemed to lick and dance in the now dark night. Suddenly two large burly men stepped out the truck, first looking at his Panhead and then him. Breaker walked back to his bike cautiously with chills running up and down his spine wondering what was going on here and what would happen to him stuck out here in the middle-of-no-where at midnight.

As he approached the two men, he noticed that each of them had what looked like glowing tattoos on both arms. Breaker thought maybe he was beginning to experience hallucinations from fatigue and ignored it as the driver gave him a friendly “HELLO, What’s wrong with the ole Pan here?”. The driver introduced himself as Kenny and the other man as Fuzzy. They were obviously bikers and with a sigh of relief Breaker told them his problem and that he was trying to get to a local biker bar he had heard was on this road.

Kenny said “Hell, that’s Mo’s just up the road a piece. We’ll take you there”. With that the two picked up Breaker’s bike like it weighed nothing and placed it neatly in the back of the truck. As they started to get into the truck Fuzzy said “You’ll have to ride in back ‘cause there’s no room up front”, and with an unmistakable laugh gave him a cigarette and got back in the passenger bucket seat. Breaker gratefully hopped in the back with his bike and fired up the cigarette just as Kenny fired up the truck.

When the engine came to life Breaker jumped in surprise. He’d never heard an engine quite like like that, the unmistakable raw power seemed to surge through the whole truck like it was a living thing. Although Kenny took off slowly at first, once the truck begin rolling it felt like they were actually flying, as if the wheels didn’t touch the ground.

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