The Biker Spirit Never Dies

At the age of fifteen Breaker obtained a motorcycle license and began riding his father’s Panhead. His mother did not like the idea, but Breaker then resembled the huge strapping image of his father. It was hard to deny this gentle boy in a man’s body who looked so much like the man she still loved. Breaker began riding everywhere he could. He was never seen anywhere without that Panhead. Even though he was seen many times working on it or pushing it home, he would not give it up. He always managed to find the problem and get it back on the road again. His father’s friends looked on his dedication with satisfaction and admiration.

Seeing that he was just like his old man they offered him his father’s position in the club when he turned 18 without having to probate. Breaker gladly accepted since most of the club members where like family to him and his mother since his father died. So, he became a full fledged member of the Red Riders Road Runners and acquired the name Breaker, not only because his bike was always breaking down, but also because he was so big and strong that even though he had a good hearted nature he was always breaking things accidentally.  He even broke peoples bones when he would get in a friendly tussle.  Many times he had also inadvertently, over powered a nut or bolt on his bike and sheared it off.

Breaker liked riding and partying with his brothers but the thing he liked most was to just take off down the road by himself and explore the back roads of Florida meeting new people along the way. The brothers understood this because his father had been the same way and there was no telling this gentle giant otherwise. He would often get up in the middle of the night or day and just take off for days, then show up again with a sheepish smile and begin telling everyone of his latest adventure and about the places he had seen and the people he had met along his journey. It was on one of these trips that Breaker had an experience that would forever change his life and his luck.

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