Orange haze marring sunshine daze
Too many particles the windoze craze.
Ovulating nature responds with dust
Metallic mind-sets revert to rust.
Internal pollution exposure too high
External relief spit in the eye.
Man the barricades of environmental war
The argument is misleading near and far.
Old futures resolved in the waning light
New pasts dissolved in the coming night.
Tortured nature no match for the fire
Living beings trying to respire.
Pleasure of profits at the main
So what, they are dying from acid rain.
Time is an immortal invisible thief
No prayers are answered, no visible relief.
No escape for the rich or poor
The result is the same from the sewer.
Inclined planes of slippery slime
Coating all hopes of future and time.
Hopeful victims, eyes all ablaze
Wait in anticipation for the final phase.
Cold dead analogies rebound with terror,
Who is going to correct this error?
Parochial intentions growing ever intrusive,
Personal freedoms becoming ever elusive.
Ever the progress for all those who pay
Shallow expectations for those who pray.
The circle of life exploited for gain
No shelter from the fallout of acrid disdain.
The hopes of a nation dashed on the shore
Principled behavior smashed on the floor.
Survival of fitness no longer probable
No future of living in anyway possible.
Have a positive outlook on tomorrow they say
All the while taking our future away.

©1998 Tommy Barrios

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