Cowgirls and Indians

Flowing tresses beaded dresses
Feminine power desert flower.
The heart of a nation mankind’s salvation
Hope and fear, joy and tears.

Cowgirls and Indians living the play
Life’s eternal rhythms day after day.

The wind blows in many directions
And so the many directions of life.
Sun drenched landscapes
Rain washed spirits soaring high
Heavenly visions on the fly.

Cowgirls and Indians play the life
Happiness and sorrow, ease and strife.

Taking life in age old stride
Matriarchal wisdom filled with pride.
Timeless stories of bravery and strength
The mysteries of life’s renewal going the length.

Cowgirls and Indians living the life
Grandmother, mother, mistress, wife.

The nations of power born of a woman
Where would we be without the womb?
The faulty pursuits of well meaning men
Bringing disaster time and again.

Cowgirls and Indians balancing the knife
Bringing forth new dimensions, new life.

The court of human destiny holding sway
Decisions of the jury, whose to say.
Desert flower feminine power
Comfort and solace in our darkest hour.

Cowgirls and Indians living the play
Life’s eternal salvation day after day.
Cowgirls and Indians dance the dance
Giving the circle of life one more chance.

© 2002 Tommy Barrios

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