Happiness guaranteed privacy implied  indeed.
Place your faith in protection by people you don’t  know.
Race to get the golden  ring
Choking on the atmosphere of politikal  korrektness.
Talk of rights while denying the right to be  wrong
Longing for truth to be realized by those who  lie
With the knowledge of hypocrisy in every thought and  deed.
Oh yea, you want to be free, but your freedom is a  joke
Told by every self serving whore in the  Beltway.
Its like wanting ice cream in winter and salsa in the summer
Breathing fire and ice to quell the passions of the left and the right.
If it was real you would not even know it anymore
You have been so blinded in your race to be  free
You cannot see the forest for the  tree.
Our constitution is but a remnant of memory in historical  past
The right is right and the left is right with no one left in the  middle.
Our lights go out when we sleep at  night
Visions of self aggrandizement dancing in our collective  head.
One right is right, one right is  wrong,
The extreme left is wrong, extreme right is  wrong
The story of the people goes  on and  on
Trudging throughout the mire of innocent one day guilty by the  next
Police state politics with which we have been  hexed.
The presidential puppet masters gloat daily on their  success,
Their positions firmly rooted in the cesspool of greed, power, and  death.
Spilling blood for oil rich moniecrats destined to be the tool of the  antichrist,
The people live in fear of the next great outrage to be  perpetrated
By the paranoid para-military police force waiting in the  wings
To fly down on the guilty until proven innocent  citizens
Wasting away in external materialistic  slavery
Bound by the laws of nature usurped for the convenience of  profit.
Oh will there ever be a day of reckoning for past transgressions of  liberty
Wallowing in the mire of self serving trivial pursuits of  pleasure.
Run for cover you bastards of the beltway  whores
The mask is being lifted and the perfume of respectability is wearing  off
The stinking fetid odor of decaying corruption and  greed
You have anointed your bodies with the oil of  blood
Bought by the currency of lust for money and  power.
Take heed for soon will come your final  hour!


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