Often wonder, why bad things have to happen?
Is there some need for bad?
Is there some need in nature for instance?
Must bad things happen in order to have order?
What if, bad things never occurred?  Would that, be bad?
Would that upset the balance of nature?
Hurl us into a tailspin of extremely bad?
Would too much good be bad?
What is the difference between good and bad in relation to one another?
Is it in the balance of things?
Is there really a good and bad from that perspective?
Guess it all depends on one’s own perspective of good and bad.
Good for one, bad for another?
What we believe and hold to be true is a matter of perspective.
How can it be otherwise?
Some would say that perpetrating bad for the good of all is perfectly OK,
That is if you’re not on the receiving end of the bad.
One tends to ignore the bad for the comforts of the good results.
Typical in many ways of the political tensions, the two party system.
Each claiming the other is bad and themselves good.
What of those caught in middle?  Collateral cannon fodder all?
See it plainly, align with one or the other
You have no voice, no power, no redress, nothing.
You are nothing, a blank, a zero on the radarscope.
Political concern or political caretakers?
Think of all the wasted input from the non-existent,
It seems a tragedy of complex interaction wasted,
Wasted on apathy and ignorance.
Many come to the fountain of knowledge yet they will not think.
They will not really think about the implications of the words,
Spewing like bile, from the mouths of the powerful and the influential.
That face, they are allowed to control the dialog,
The discussion of any issue in of itself a travesty of good,
Those in power would have what is good for them,
Bad for us as whole but good for them.
Donít see it?  You must be one of them.
THEM the eternal THEM.
Oppressors of US.
US against THEM or is it THEM against US.
Please, my head hurts with so much thought,
Bad vs. good, the ever-lasting dilemma.
Ordinary people ever think, about these things, apparently not.
If so maybe the amount of good would slightly outweigh the bad,
Enough to be tolerable.
One can only hope for such a turn of events,
The great cycle of living time.
Living time, the time, which we have on our individual clocks.
Some longer than others obviously.
Many would have their clocks run forever,
They might over come bad with enough good.
Others might take the other tack and propagate,
Bad so that too much good will not be bad.
Confused?  Donít be,
Many so-called great minds have and still do,
Ponder these things with regard to good and bad.
How much is too much and not enough?
Seems to be our fate, to be condemned to work
As much good as possible, only to be thwarted by bad.
Another never-ending story!

© 2001Tommy Barrios

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