Many strive for beauty, an optical feast
In the midst of hypocrisy, the nation of the beast.
Visceral holes swallowing souls,
Small holes paying tolls.
Ecstasy purchased seminal release
Mounds of flesh, vaginal valleys void,
Penile piston purchase enjoyed,
Flagrant flagellation of the social butt
The many cry, “So WHAT”!
Pitiless proliferation of pungent morality,
Proffered by preachers of eccentricity.
Naked beauty only for sale
Beastly brutality, a six o’clock tale.
Encouraged by beauty, poor the least
Hopeless vagrants, we drool at the feast.
Opulent fetid petulant persuasion
A hope for sex to sway the nation.
Accumulated beauty never released,
Feed the power hungry beast.

© 1995 Tommy Barrios

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