Health Care and The Old Soft Shoe

The present state of our national economy and the future thereof is presently in grave danger.  But to listen to the rhetoric from the MGMSM and the deceivers in the White House, you’d think you where listening to some old time minstrel show complete with quack remedies sold by a song dance team.  What is the song and dance number and what is the quack remedy?

The song dance is the same old song and dance by left wing loons about how EVERYONE needs to be covered by health insurance and the quack remedy is the GOVERNMENT is going to administer the program and in the process ram it down the throat everyone  for their own good!  Is this to be the demise of the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Has the whole world gone completely brain dead?  I feel like my country has become the land of the slave and home of the cowardly!  A nation of sheep cowed by Politikal Korrectness reinforced by MGMSM brain washing and indoctrination.  A nation of slaves to a central banking system known as the Federal Reserve System, which BTW is NOT Federal and has NO reserves!  A nation of slaves to a niggardly government bureaucracy that is more concerned about it’s own existence rather than the strict Constitutional duties with which it is charged towards the citizens.

The present Federal government administration is a travesty of the American values that have been admired and desired around the world since it’s conception and birth! A birthing through violent revolution by a collection of farmers, merchants, scholars ,and common men against their own king and countrymen back in mighty England.  The forming of this great nation  was no accident of circumstance, a country like the United States with it’s freedom loving principles was bound to happen somewhere on the planet.  England was already becoming more of a parliamentary democracy and less of a monarchy.  France was moving towards a form democratic socialism, shadows of which still exist today.  A world wide individual freedom movement was beginning to throw off oppressive governments, some floundered and morphed into tyrannical oligarchies, others flourished like United States and became the enemies of those that floundered and later became the Red Threat!

So what is this all got to do with the idea of universal health care by the present yammering White House jackanapes?  The answer is: it’s not about health care, it about instituting Marxist Socialism and nothing more.  This is another scam on the same level as the anthropomorphic(man made) Global Warming scam.  We are being given the old soft shoe sell job on this attempt to enslave us all under a socialist system unparalleled in history!  This whole orchestrated scam is the long culmination of fine tuning a lie into a bread-and-circuses message promising CHANGE, but in reality, is perfidy in disguise!

It is my dearest hope that other voices like mine crying the wilderness of MegaGlomerate MainStream Media indoctrination, misinformation, disinformation, and pointed omissions, will coalesce as one voice into the main steam consciousness of the American people by whatever means and in so doing they may see the light of truth, the beauty of real freedom from bureaucratic government tyranny!

Joe Biden Green Light’s Israel!

The news is just in, Jingle Joe Biden is now taking on some of the Presidential mantle vis-a-vis broadcasting US military policy to the world at large.  Biden’s recent oration on the merits of Israels sovereign response to the threat of a weaponized nuclear Iran and the reaction or lack thereof, of the United States confirms this fact.

Hot on the heels of  the 4th of July release of the latest Transformers movie, comes Binge Breath Biden’s comments! IT is so Hollywood that, like us, many in the media are starting to see the stark similarities also, and are beginning to speak out openly.  Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, we told you so!

Isn’t capitalistic America wonderful?  I foresee a see a new growth industry springing up!  Treating Obamatosis, Obamachondria, and Obomberitis!  Yes my friends, the victim therapy industry will soon be in full swing rolling in Obombers Spendulus money, selling all kinds of snake oil cures and treatments, but none on them will remove the infecting virus, other than the ballot box and/or the referendum!

Hope you are enjoying your freedom!  Please remind all your family, friends, and neighbors to THINK next they time enter a voting booth.  THINK about the damage just 4 to 6 years can wreak on your long term basic freedoms, if you make rash decisions based on emotion and looks, rather than logic and facts!

Peace be unto you and yours;-)

What Price Change?

Now that Hope, Change, and Yes We Can has been installed in the White House for 100+ days, what can we expect for the rest of the Tour de BO?   The Chicago political machine through it’s Demoncratic Party connected shadow organizations like ACORN, CCI, and SEIU, has installed it’s token negro puppet in the highest office in the land.  The bailouts/paybacks have begun in earnest and I’ll be very curious to know how many legitimate minority contractors end up with these Obomber Pork Projects.  I have a sneaking suspicion the majority will go to HUB certified shadow companies controlled by politically connected types in the Chicago political mafia!

We will of course not be allowed to question these shameful political grafts and blatant paybacks. To do so will bring down the wrath of the MGMSM, complete with a catalog of pejoratives meant to libel and defame those who oppose the will of “The One”!  We have become a nation of cowards bowing to the will of a Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media that today is little more than tabloid trash in it’s reporting and leftist ideologues in it’s editorials!

So what price change?  What price freedom?  What is the price for your very soul?

Penny For Your Thoughts, Dollar For Your Soul

What is the purpose of history if not to learn from same?  Yet we as a society seem totally oblivious to the lessons of history.  It’s like we have entered some collective dream state that paints a consistently rosy picture while ‘Rome Burns’ around us.  There are many reasons for this societal malaise which allows a totally unknown jackanapes get elected to the highest office in the land.

One of the reasons for this malaise is the MGMSM (Mega-Glomerate Main-Stream Media).  The MGMSM has the country in a kind of mesmerized apathy that allows a constant stream of propaganda to go unchallenged and/or ignored.  The propagandists of political rhetoric have carved out an ideological agenda in such a way that has the voting public convinced the MGMSM knows what is best and we should all conform to their wishes.  Objectivity has been replaced by ideology and discourse has been replaced by dogma.  We have supposed newscasters parading as journalists while having semi-religious spiritual experiences in the presence of the biggest conman and fraud to run for political office since Huey P. Long and Edwin Edwards, Barack Hussein Obomber!

The MGMSM, inculcated with left wing socialists and communists, is preaching a message of adoration for the present skunk in the White House, while attacking and denigrating anyone who disagrees with their farce.  They have seen that one of their own, an ardent practitioner of  the communist Saul Alinsky’s principles and the most left wing socialist in the history of the Senate, elected to the highest office in America!  The MGMSM has done everything it can to see their half white candidate elected and it will now come back to haunt them.  This mulatto fraud has instituted and will continue to institute every crackpot left wing policy he can get away with in collusion with a slobbering MGMSM regurgitating every word as if spoken by some Messiah.  The public that thought they had done the right thing going along with the MGMSM is now beginning to have doubts!

The Demoncratic Party is in fact trying to buy the citizens loyalty with promises, empty rhetoric, and little more than bread and circuses.  All the while amassing a huge debt paying off political cronies and giving handouts to the extememly and rich and the designated poor.  The middle class worker and business owner is left to fend for themselves and struggle with an economy that is headed towards extreme inflation and total destruction.

So how much is your vote and your soul worth?

Power of the Pejorative Position

I was reminded once again today of the political position by pejorative of the left wing attack dogs  and attendant salivating MGMSM.   The unmitigated lies being spewed by the leftist media hacks is being defended not by reasoned debate or logical determination, but by derision, name calling, or another words argument by pejorative.

This is part and parcel to the current tabloid yellow journalism adopted by the MGMSM.  Sensationalism over substance, agenda over truth, profits over professionalism, and political correctness over free thought and free speech!  Elitist snobbery paraded as intellectualism!  Arrogance of acquisition deflected by faux victim sensitivity and other such patronizing of the designated victim pool.

So there is no argument as far as the MGMSM is concerned because they have all the news they see fit to print and air!

The Currency Of Ignorance!

I do not know why I continue to be shocked by the level of ignorance around me.  This especially troublesome when it’s ‘friends’ and family.  To be confronted with ignorance in a social setting is to be expected in today’s world of “The One”.  What is really aggravating is the low level of socio-political awareness in my own family.  It is so not much their level of ignorance, but their contribution to the ignorance of the whole and therefore the Obomber phenomenon.

Lets face it, the election of this fraud Obomber is a manipulated aberration.  Something, that by past standards, should have never happened.  His political career has been carefully crafted since he first came to Chicago.  The opportunity to inject their ‘groomed boy’ into the political mainstream was handed to them when the corrupt Chicago political machine, and it’s attendant media knaves, crucified the Republican candidate for the Illinois US Senate seat! Then the Republicans, either through stupdity and/or corruption, ran a candidate who could not win an election for dog catcher much less a US Senate seat, Alan Keyes.   Satan himself in full regalia could have won that election! (Some would argue that is exactly what happened!)

After that debacle the still unknown lackey of the corrupt Chicago Democratic machine assumed his seat in the Senate and sat on his hands basically, putting forth no agenda, no propositions, nothing!  He was a perfect incarnation of the character in Mr Smith Goes to Washington.  That is, the character that the corrupt political machine wanted rather than the one Jimmy Stewart portrayed.  That’s right Barack Hussein Obomber is the porch monkey of a corrupt political machine just like one portrayed in the movie.  The plot is exactly the same, sit on your hands, say nothing, vote the way we tell you, and when the next elections come due, we’ll make you our very own house negro in the White House!  Is that not what basically happened today except that the criminals won out, I ask.  There is no proof to deny otherwise when you boil down all the ‘facts’!

Well what has this got to do with the currency of ignorance you ask?  Answer:  All of the above could not have occurred had not the public being kept in the dark about this aberration by the MGMSM!  Another words, ‘ignorant of the facts’. Obomber was kept in the shadows until just the right moment every time he was elected to public office.  The media was diverted away from him every time by deflection techniques well thought out and orchestrated.

He was first thrust in front of the national scene at the Kerry/Edwards Demoncratic Convention where his “eloquent” fully prepared, coached, and teleprompter speech was wildly accepted by the swooning inebriated loons in the audience.   This was the first real test by the ‘Machine’ to see if their puppet test marketed well to their core followers.  It was a resounding success as evidenced by the salivating of the MGMSM monkeys parroting everything he said with adoring platitudes and sickening praise!  No pretense of lost objectivity was put on full display by the media for the first time that night!

As soon as “The One” was shoved to the front of the line by his corrupt handlers, the conspiritorial MGMSM went into a frenzied full court press of adoration and salivating in order get their ‘designated victim’ representitive elected to an office he shoud have never been considred and is not qualified to hold!  The criminal conspiracy between the MGMSM and the corrupt Chicago Demoncratic political machine and by association the entire Demoncratic Party, in keeping the public ignorant as to the realities and shadowy background of the “The One Fraud”, is indicative of how powerful the MGMSM has become and what the ‘Currency of Ignorance’ will buy them!

Traumatic Government Adminstration Syndrome

The power of the Federal government seems so remote and all encompassing to the average person.  Many people are terrified of this power, but it should not be so!  The Constitution of United States is supposed to be more than a piece of paper with grand ideals put into fancy words and phrases.  The document is a written expression of the authors attempt to create a social environment wherein the will of the people controls a federated government structure with limited powers.  A contract if you will between citizens that guarantees certain rights and responsibilities of the citizens as the government.

What we have these days is a far cry from the original intent of the Constitution.  We have more government power than ever intended.  Yes we as a nation have had to confront some very bad things and will continue to have to do so in the future.  Taking apart the Constitution for reasons of national security, so called “civil rights”, or other specious fear mongering is not the answer to our present or future problems.  The rules are in place for very good reasons and those reasons have made us into the great nation that we are today and will continue to be if we only pay attention to things that really matter.

We have diluted the Constitution and the power of the people for reasons that seem understandable in many cases, but the long term results have been almost disastrous to our personal freedoms and moral base.  We no longer protect the unborn for example.  The unborn while still human beings and in the growing stage are now regarded as so much excess tissue to be discarded at the whim of the progenitors and the present medical establishment.  A medical establishment BTW that supposedly has a grand  moral code of their own, “Do No Harm”, that has been and is violated regularly for the sake of the “Infanticide Rights” of the progenitor.

We no longer have the same power as individuals that were first instituted by the original authors of the Constitution.  Our rights have been progressively abrogated through Congressional enactments and Presidential decrees.  The peoples right for redress as been diluted into something the Founding Fathers would not approve or recognize!  We should not have to live in fear of the bilious bureaucrats of the Federal Government, they should live in fear of the people and that is just not so these days.

We have become a  nation of government administered peons totally at the mercy of the over bloated federal, state, and local governments.  We have let our rights go out the window with our civic responsibilities.  The MGMSM(1) influenced arm chair voting methods we use in this country is despicable and disgraceful.  We now have popularity polls electing key government officials who are not beholden to the real voting public but their masters who finance their campaigns and provide them with a rich life for life.  This kind  of dishonest popularity politics must stop if we are to maintain even some semblance of a truly free and federated republic.

We must begin to initiate grass-roots political movements around issues.  I have seen this sort of thing work personally with the changing of the motorcycle rider equipment  laws, specifically mandatory helmet laws in Florida and other states.  State wide motorcycle rights organizations coalesced into one voice and petitioned the state legislators doggedly for years.  In many cases working to  help get favorable candidates elected in order to get the mandatory helmet laws lifted.  The pay off was overwhelmingly successful in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and many other states.

We are a nation suffering from Traumatic Government Administration Syndrome (TGAS). Relief from this malaise is not therapy, prescription drugs, or a combination of both.  The answer is a really a type of team building used in many corporate motivational training classes. Issue driven grassroots politics is just that, team building with the intent of a prescribed goal.  In this case it’s overhaul the government systems from the bottom up.  You start local and spread out to the higher levels of government.  It sounds easy on paper but requires sacrifice, tireless dogged determination, and money, as much as you can possibly raise.

It is never too late to start your own movement.  The internet is rife with people clamoring to be heard and with like minded ideas.  A quick search on any search tool will reward you with a plethora of contacts and interested parties.  The basic idea here is just this, DO IT UNTIL YOU WIN!

(1) MegaGlomerate MainStream Media (A term coined by the author, that be me, yo!)

The Depths of the Universal Politic – All That Lies Within!

One of my favorite subjects is particle physics believe it or not!  The infinitesimal is as awesome to me as the awesome magnitude of the known universe.  That is because they are in reality one in the same.  The forces that govern the internal structures of atoms are the same that govern the universe.   From what we can tell so far, “matter” seems to be the same everywhere we look in the universe.  The basic building blocks of matter are the same, everywhere!

It would therefore follow that any life that exists elsewhere in the known universe would follow the same rules of life that exists here on our planet.  The same rules of survival would also apply most likely and therefore we are not really unique, since the same rules do apply everywhere in the universe.  Yet for some odd reason we have the propensity to feel we are unique and that we have special license to behave in what ever manner takes our fancy at the moment.  We feel we are superior and therefore entitled to some great destiny over all other creatures because of our intellect.  We forget though that our intellect is a product of the very forces that created everything we see, feel, touch, smell, and yes even imagine!

It seems, so far as science can determine, we homo-sapient are the only creatures which can imagine more than what we see, feel, touch, sense, or smell.  We have the capability to extend our thoughts far beyond our immediate locale, far beyond the surface to the inner core of things.  We have the ability to ascertain the inner workings of things by careful examination of only the surface.  We have the ability to make complicated things that extend our ability to be creative and productive.  All the great creations of mankind lie first within us all, they are then externalized through thought sharing and cooperative construction practices.

Therefore the rules that govern the forces of the universe are also the ones forming the basis for what is called, logic.  Logic to me, is the science of determination.  Logic says IF ‘this’ happens; THEN ‘this’ is the result, i.e. IF you fart, THEN you will stink.  (A crude example, yet very effective in getting the idea or thought across.)  Thus logic structured by the laws of physics also by association, apply to the logical laws of human behavior and interaction, yet again for some strange reason there are those that determined to deny this unwavering logic.  They want to craft and twist the universal logic into something obtuse therein conforming with a prescribed ideological view of reality rather than the logical truths of human historical interaction and the sound logic of the ancient scholars.

So being made up of the same matter as the universe and a part of the universal laws of physics, I must ascertain the truths of human interaction based on universal logic and universal truths rather than  “feel good” rhetoric and a socialist Utopian dream that has failed everywhere it has been tried and/or forced on the people!

In closing here is a mental exercise in determinative logic: The vociferous progenitors of the aforementioned socialist utopia seem to be obsessed with PEACE!  GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!, they plead over and over ad nausea.  These  Peaceniks are so obsessed with PEACE, they are willing to kill, for you and I to have PEACE!  Sound absurd?  Well if you care to carefully listen, to the rhetoric of the “PEACE MOVEMENT” you’ll see that it’s not peaceful at all, but rather, forceful and militant!  Strange, but it seems true to my logical observations!  Based upon this observation, logic would dictate that if you are willing to ‘kill for peace’ then you would join the military, right?

Peace be unto you and yours!  It all lies within:-)

Tommy’s Daylight Blog!

Humble writings and observations;-)  An obtuse statement by some observations.  I have to be humble because I do not have the money necessary to be arrogant.  I have to think about that because the arrogance of money is sometimes unavoidable.  It is how well one controls the arrogance of money that shows true character in an person.

Humility also sometimes cuts thicker than arrogance and therefore can be a valuable tool in convincing others of ones sincerity and objectivity.  It is with humble sincerity that I attempt to shine a light on the dis-information of the MGMSM (MegaGlomerate MainStream Media) through the filter of my own life experience based observations and inherent “Doubting Thomas” skepticism.

Asking questions is the best way towards enlightenment.  I have asked many questions throughout my humble experience and not always to my satisfaction.  Yet I was no longer in ignorance of the facts either!

It seems that there is more ignorance than stupidity in the world.  Ignorance born out of mental laziness for one reason or another.  Illogical reasoning is one of the causes of ignorance.  This variety of ignorance seems to me to be a product of the present education system, from K-Grad School, that teaches an idealistic left wing socialist victim mantra from day one!  Individual achievement and personal responsibility are anathema in today’s educational system, and now the present left wing scalawags in power want more of the same!

Ignorance also comes from the present form of “political correctness” wherein illegal speech codes are promulgated and governed by an orthodoxy of left wing victim mongers and sycophants of murdering tyrants, i.e. Castro, Che, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, and every other communist/socialist ilk known to terrorize mankind throughout recent history!  The LEWDS (Left Wing Demoncrats) in this country rail on and on about free speech rights, but that is only true as long as your speech is their approved speech!  The examples are numerous and sad.  Sad that we must cave into the mentality that we must regulate speech that offends one designated victim group or another while offensive speech against objecting non-victim  groups is applauded and encouraged.

How can this happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Easy!  It’s called a “Comfort Zone“.  The MGMSM influenced modern day mental imprisonment of free men and women!  The MGMSM knows the art of the Comfort Zone very, very well.  They are masters of a an insidious art that was perfected many years ago by unknown nondescript paper hanger and flailing artist.  His name was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and his crew perfected the very machinations that are being used today by the MGMSM in order to promulgate; misinformation, disinformation, confusion, and in some cases outright lies all wrapped up in a nice little “comfortable” presentation, another words promoting ignorance!

Comfortable ignorance; that blissful state that makes you feel like you are very the image of what the MGMSM say’s you should be, enlightened, diverse, sensitive, and most of all “Politically Correct” by the MGMSM’s standards of course!  It is those “standards” that are the insidious part of this dangerous delusion called, “Political Correctness”.  The people of Germany woke up one day and found out too late what those “standards” meant from Herr Hitler and company.  It meant one thing only, oppression and tyranny, not freedom!