Middle East Matters

It does not take a scientist rocket to see that the current US policies in dealing with the Middle East are to put it charitably, a total failure to communicate;-)

There are many in the government and outside the government, calling for a complete realignment of said policies!

One of those in the government calling for such CHANGE is US Congressman Frank Wolf, (http://wolf.house.gov) I HOPE he is successful.

I have linked below to a PDF package that contains four letters, with compelling supporting documentation, in which Mr Wolfe is practically pleading with Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta (and by inference, the White House) to form an independent working group to reevaluate our current geo-political and military polices in all areas of Middle Eastern conflict.  So far, crickets!

I encourage anyone who cares about these issues to read, download and redistribute these documents as widely as possible!  Whether you hate what is going on in the Middle East or support same, these documents will open you eyes to some well known but ignored facts!


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