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I am a modern day Doubting Thomas.  I should have been born in Missouri the “Show Me” state.  I come by my skepticism honestly having seen too much of the realities of the physical world versus what many people are told and believe via the mega-glomerate corporate media and traditional cultural biases.

Perspective and logic tend to guide me now, even though my rebellious streak will tempt me to strike out in verbal passionate fury over some earth shaking event or another, I really like to be calculating and reserved in my actions, otherwise I end up regretting same!

I have come to admire the mysteries of physics and it’s absolutes!  I have found that the laws of physics can guide us in our search for social harmony among the chaos of human diversity and uncertainty! If we defy the laws of physics we can cause great harm and so it is with laws of physical social harmony.  Great harm is caused when the balance is upset and the forces of social interaction explode in uncontrolled chaos!  This is what is causing much of the problems in the world today!

There are many methods with which the balance maybe maintained but only one may work in a particular situation yet, not to the total exclusion of all others!  One of the great truths of science is that if you don’t go looking for the answer in the right places you will never find the truth!  The same applies to social harmony, if you don’t look for harmony you will never find the truth!

There are many harmonies that are out of tune here in the “good ole USA”, the main ones being economic, social, and spiritual.  Logic dictates that these should be in balance in order to maintain good social harmony, yet we have in our midst a great disruptor of those harmonies.  The great disruptor is our present out of control behemoth of a government structure.

There is still hope for a real change?

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