Power of the LEO!

The headlines almost daily scream out some whipped up atrocity or another seemingly perpetrated a Law Enforcement Officer(s) (LEO), when in reality it was the actions of those that got shot, that caused them to be shot, in the first place! YO!

I was brought up to respect the power of the policing system in this great country, although many times I have had disagreements with officers, I NEVER pushed it to where the officer felt threatened or felt the need to restrain me!

99% of ALL Police Shootings are instigated by the perpetrator, NOT the officer!

When a subject is given a command and they don’t obey, at that moment the situation is elevated to the possible use of deadly force, EVERY TIME!

But apparently in some ethnic communities, wherein everyone is suspicious of the police for some asinine reason or another, that message is not getting through and that just exacerbates a negative situation on both sides of the equation!

Anyone who gets confrontational with an LEO and does NOT expect the results to come out negative for them, needs to seek mental health professionals, ASAP!

The assertion by the Communist community organizers and anarchists that LEOs are out hunting down minorities is part and parcel of the lies that these domestic terrorists spread in order to garner political power, when the lies start to bear an inkling of fruit, then the terrorists resort to whipping up the ignorant and the stupid to loot and riot and was demonstrated in Ferguson, MO!

Yes people like Al “Catfish” Sharpton, Jesse “Jerkoff” Jackson and the lot are all DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

Organizations like La Raza, ARE ALL DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

This scum and their ideologies is what LEOs all across this country have to face everyday, hardened criminals, petty criminals, domestic violence, then on top of that, the brainwashed indoctrinated stooges of the aforementioned DOMESTIC TERRORISTS!

Don’t want to get shot by the Police, then don’t do ANYTHING to get their attention, SIMPLE AS THAT!

If you do get the attention of the Police, don’t be stupid and adopt an attitude that makes the officer feel threatened or that you are going to be a problem, SIMPLE AS THAT!

Any group or individual who paints Law Enforcement with the same tar brush is a liar and a fraud is doing a terrible disservice to the community and the nation as whole!


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