ObamaCare – What is it really?

Most of Amercia seemed to be just as much asleep during the passing of ObamaCare as they where when the lying Obomination got elected.  For all his disingenuous HOPE & CHANGE BS rhetoric, he has exposed himself as the biggest political puppet since Bill Clinton and a much bigger liar, yet much of brainwashed America thinks he’s cool because he is half black, when in reality he’s really more white trash than black. (I’ll leave that discussion for another time)

ObamaCare is the worst thing forced on American citizens since the Income Tax and the Federal Reserve.  Both of which have had the effect of keeping the working class as economic slaves and the Wealthy(1) as their overseers!  ObamaCare was not hatched in some dark room. It is a mix of confusing regulations and predeterminations concocted and funded by the health care insurance industry and produced by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research, a liberal UCLA think-tank! Please go look at their list of supporters and donors and be not surprised to find it is stacked with heath care insurance providers and liberal union/healthcare lobbying groups!

So tell me again who is going to really benefit from ObamaCare, it’s certainly not going to be the hard working American public, but instead the welfare class and leech class will benefit at the expense of everyone else. The insurance industry will benefit enormously as they receive all those premium payments from the government to cover the health care of the aforementioned welfare class and leech class! ObamaCare is just another charade being forced on the unsuspecting American public as an act of compassion and other such kumbyah nonsense, when actually ObamaCare is yet another nail in the coffin of our Constitutional Rights and a further control mechanism with which to control the economy and society by surreptitious means!

Are you ready for the corrupt IRS to know all your health issues, REALLY?

Are you ready for the incomptent Dept of Homeland Security to know all your health issues, REALLY?

Are you ready for the dishonest Dept.of Justice to know all your health issues, REALLY?

That’s the part of Obomination Care no one in the media, or the present WH administration lackeys, want to discuss or make glaringly known, what the consequences of those government agencies having full time knowledge of your health issues!

If there is any time in American history for the working class and small business owners to rise up against this insidious hypocrisy, NOW IS THE TIME!

Get connected, get organized, and get free of the Obomination jackanapes and his destructive policies towards the Constitution and the core freedoms that make this great country the most desired place to immigrate!

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