Looking Back and Looking Forward

I was invited to my 40th high school reunion, which sadly, I was not able to attend.  They put up the invitation to all my former class mates on FaceBook with associated photos, past and present, and I was not surprised, to see that many of my former class mates have changed considerably, I was surprised however, to see how many pretty much look the same. So much so that I would have recognized them instantly on any street in America, and I have been on a lot of them, trust me!  Anyway, on reflection, I decided to pound out this article which I let sit for awhile due to my propensity to do so from time to time.  Now that I have come black to it and polished it up some, I think it’s time for it’s release!

Looking through the images and pictures of that era, of my home town, from advertising and entertainment, to national and international themes, and messages of the late sixties and early seventies, it struck me how much has changed, but conversely how much has not changed!  In my little ole burg of Alexandria, Louisiana, (the State, the country and the world at large), change is not always good, but some change is inevitable. (Words of wisdom believe it or not from my first  black(negro) mammy, who looked and dressed the spittin’ image of the old Aunt Jemima advertising of that time)

It was was a very confusing and perplexing time to be an inquisitive and sensitive teenager as many of us where of that time.  We railed and protested against war, the military, the “Establishment” (whoever that was at the time), anything to feel connected, righteous, and hopefully get laid in the process;-)  We were the feel good generation, if it feels good, do it, and if it really feels good, do it more and often(whatever it was)!  Some folks, it seems, from that time never grew out of this deprecating delusion and are now locked in a vicious cycle of misery  and remonstration which they spread like a infectious disease to all those whom they come in contact.  Many of these tortured delusional souls are now tenured university and college professors who have been on a life long mission of spreading the fallacious venom of “social justice” and “wealth redistribution” by governmental force, rather than, individual and/or corporate benevolence.

What has changed considerably though, is the world around us, since those halcyon days of “Free Love” (A misnomer if there ever was one!) and the social revolution of the sixties and seventies.  We were the rebels with and without a cause.  We rocked to the beat of a different drummer and found out later, we where the truly sane generational stalwarts of our time vs the selfish violent lunacy that pervades the youth culture of today’s American society.

We thought we had laid the road map for political and social sanity, and that by today, all the worlds problems would be solved.  What has happened since then is the world has gone further stark raving mad, with more voracious greed, more grinding war, more crushing suffering!  On top of that we are now saddled with a large section of society who think they are owed something just because they exist.

We also now have a President who appears to be a poster boy of the communist left (read “Kommunity Organizer”), who appears to suck up to Muslim fanatics and appears to threaten our national security and economy with the appearance of overt pandering to “illegal aliens”, who, are only out to suck whatever they can out of our national economy and then send it back to Mexico!  (If we shut off the flow of illegal alien money from the US, Mexico would collapse in one week!)

The Obomination is none of those things, you say?  If you really look closely at what it has done vs what it regurgitates from it’s Massa, via satellite linked teleprompter, you will see that it is more of a Military Industrial Complex porch monkey than George Bush ever was!  We are being sold out daily by the Massa through the MGMSM and the Obomination propaganda machine, the false belief that the government is here to solve all the worlds problems by dispensing money, in all the right places. When in fact, government, is and always has been, a documented failure at social engineering, and has NO business being in the charity business or the social engineering business.

The present fallacious “bread and circuses” attitude is one of the main problems that brought down another so called “Demoncracy”, the Roman Empire, it was not their decadence, or their propensity to conquer and hold vast territories, it was the foul stench of socialist democracy, where the populace began to vote themselves more and more “bread and circuses“, (read: entitlements and benefits)  and eventually installed a tyrannical oligarch, Cesar, who promised them everything, if they only gave him ultimate power, sound familiar, i.e. what is going on, right now, in our country!

That is why the Founding Fathers and Mothers set this country up as a Federated Republic under law. That’s what they meant when they declared, all men (and women) are created equal, equal “under the law”, not social or economic equals, as  those  who are presently running/ruining our great nation (read the “demoncratic party”) would have everyone believe and swallow, hook, line, and stinker!.

The founders, knew very well the history of social engineering by all-powerful governments and the evils that it eventually spawns.  That is why the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is written specifically the way it is written!  On top of that, so there could be no misunderstanding, the founders wrote tomes of explanations and descriptive derivatives of the precise wording so there could be no future doubt as to what they meant by each and every word.

Yet today we have those who spit on the graves of those esteemed men and women by having us all believe that the Constitution is somehow a mistake of history, has outlived its time, is not modern or “forward thinking” (read “progressive socialism“)!  These same misguided detractors point to the human fallibility of the founders as a reason to discount their writings and their theories on the contract between governments and society as a whole!

These arguments my fellow Americans, I put to you, are the same as those used to usurp the Roman version of the “Constitution” which expressly forbid the things that eventually brought about Rome’s demise.  The “bread and circuses” and the eventual installation of a corrupt, insane, almost demonic, tyrannical oligarchy!  It was not very long after, in historical perspective, that the Roman Empire began to suffer greatly from the financial strain of the constant clamoring for more “bread and circuses” (read “welfare state“) combined with maintaining and administering the vast empire that funded the whole enchilada.  Eventually more was going out than could be ever taken in and the Empire crumpled, leaving the gate open for the invading hordes that eventually destroyed the whole Roman Empire and eventually looted Rome itself and put it’s inhabitants to the sword and slavery!

Which way are you headed, sword, slave, or free person?

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