I have doubts!

I have a very cautious and skeptical view of the world.  I am a modern day Doubting Thomas.  I don’t trust very many politicians as most of them are pernicious money controlled educated professional deceivers,  especially LEWDS (Left Wing Demoncrats).  I have a very low regard for the MGMSM (MegaGlomerate MainStream Media).   A many headed media monster, a collective of predatory hypocrites wanting to “CHANGE” the world to suit their ideological perspective, currently that of the aforementioned LEWDS.  Why the MGMSM which is dependent on huge amounts of advertising income, is co-promoting a socialist agenda seems rather odd, until you remember they represent the sneering folks who want socialism for “unwashed masses”,  but not themselves!  Welcome to “Alice in Weirderland” courtesy of the “Mega-Glomerates” and their financial facilitator, The Federal Reserve Banking System!

It is my humble observation, that too many people in the world appear to be deluded and ignorant to some extent or another. People who, on the shabby promises of snake oil peddling Kumbyah politicians, let themselves be led around by one narcissistic megalomaniac or another.  All of which are intent on screwing over the other competing megalomaniacs and the taxpayers!

It is unfortunate the majority of people in the US don’t vote! Why? Because many people have to work for a living and are under one pressure or another and/or just don’t care about who runs the world around them as long as they are  “makin’ it”  If they did care, then they might have to face up as to who really runs this “good ole USA”, it sure ain’t the puppet politicians for which these same folks lamely “arm-chair voted” from their sofa or Strato-Lounger.  The small percentage of folks who do vote are themselves under most of the same delusions as the non-voters and therefore vote for candidates based on their “persona” rather than the critical cold hard and “boring” issues!

This country is currently run principally for and by, the power hungry folks controlling the Federal Reserve Banking System, the energy companies, and the military industrial complex, period. Anyone who thinks different, I have stocks in an a company that makes invisible glass, which I want to sell to the same aforementioned gullible people!

Time is really an illusion tied to physical laws that are our only real certainty, we are told!  What other illusions are we under that seem plausible and real but are in fact, illusions.  The present MGMSM is masterful in the art of illusion.  The aforementioned financial and economic powers that really control this country own the Main Stream Media and therefore ultimate control of the media, ALL THE MEDIA! YO!  Therefore the media’s mixed truth infotainment output is presented with a now obvious slanted agenda.  The “Bread and Circuses” spell has been carefully woven and the unsuspecting suckers have lined up to see the show and get their handout! (Read: The fraudulent election of “The One”)

If you are a free thinker, your head must be ready to explode about now;-)

Welcome to the club!

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