Health Care and The Old Soft Shoe

The present state of our national economy and the future thereof is presently in grave danger.  But to listen to the rhetoric from the MGMSM and the deceivers in the White House, you’d think you where listening to some old time minstrel show complete with quack remedies sold by a song dance team.  What is the song and dance number and what is the quack remedy?

The song dance is the same old song and dance by left wing loons about how EVERYONE needs to be covered by health insurance and the quack remedy is the GOVERNMENT is going to administer the program and in the process ram it down the throat everyone  for their own good!  Is this to be the demise of the land of the free and the home of the brave?  Has the whole world gone completely brain dead?  I feel like my country has become the land of the slave and home of the cowardly!  A nation of sheep cowed by Politikal Korrectness reinforced by MGMSM brain washing and indoctrination.  A nation of slaves to a central banking system known as the Federal Reserve System, which BTW is NOT Federal and has NO reserves!  A nation of slaves to a niggardly government bureaucracy that is more concerned about it’s own existence rather than the strict Constitutional duties with which it is charged towards the citizens.

The present Federal government administration is a travesty of the American values that have been admired and desired around the world since it’s conception and birth! A birthing through violent revolution by a collection of farmers, merchants, scholars ,and common men against their own king and countrymen back in mighty England.  The forming of this great nation  was no accident of circumstance, a country like the United States with it’s freedom loving principles was bound to happen somewhere on the planet.  England was already becoming more of a parliamentary democracy and less of a monarchy.  France was moving towards a form democratic socialism, shadows of which still exist today.  A world wide individual freedom movement was beginning to throw off oppressive governments, some floundered and morphed into tyrannical oligarchies, others flourished like United States and became the enemies of those that floundered and later became the Red Threat!

So what is this all got to do with the idea of universal health care by the present yammering White House jackanapes?  The answer is: it’s not about health care, it about instituting Marxist Socialism and nothing more.  This is another scam on the same level as the anthropomorphic(man made) Global Warming scam.  We are being given the old soft shoe sell job on this attempt to enslave us all under a socialist system unparalleled in history!  This whole orchestrated scam is the long culmination of fine tuning a lie into a bread-and-circuses message promising CHANGE, but in reality, is perfidy in disguise!

It is my dearest hope that other voices like mine crying the wilderness of MegaGlomerate MainStream Media indoctrination, misinformation, disinformation, and pointed omissions, will coalesce as one voice into the main steam consciousness of the American people by whatever means and in so doing they may see the light of truth, the beauty of real freedom from bureaucratic government tyranny!

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