Joe Biden Green Light’s Israel!

The news is just in, Jingle Joe Biden is now taking on some of the Presidential mantle vis-a-vis broadcasting US military policy to the world at large.  Biden’s recent oration on the merits of Israels sovereign response to the threat of a weaponized nuclear Iran and the reaction or lack thereof, of the United States confirms this fact.

Hot on the heels of  the 4th of July release of the latest Transformers movie, comes Binge Breath Biden’s comments! IT is so Hollywood that, like us, many in the media are starting to see the stark similarities also, and are beginning to speak out openly.  Wink Wink Nudge Nudge, we told you so!

Isn’t capitalistic America wonderful?  I foresee a see a new growth industry springing up!  Treating Obamatosis, Obamachondria, and Obomberitis!  Yes my friends, the victim therapy industry will soon be in full swing rolling in Obombers Spendulus money, selling all kinds of snake oil cures and treatments, but none on them will remove the infecting virus, other than the ballot box and/or the referendum!

Hope you are enjoying your freedom!  Please remind all your family, friends, and neighbors to THINK next they time enter a voting booth.  THINK about the damage just 4 to 6 years can wreak on your long term basic freedoms, if you make rash decisions based on emotion and looks, rather than logic and facts!

Peace be unto you and yours;-)

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