What Price Change?

Now that Hope, Change, and Yes We Can has been installed in the White House for 100+ days, what can we expect for the rest of the Tour de BO?   The Chicago political machine through it’s Demoncratic Party connected shadow organizations like ACORN, CCI, and SEIU, has installed it’s token negro puppet in the highest office in the land.  The bailouts/paybacks have begun in earnest and I’ll be very curious to know how many legitimate minority contractors end up with these Obomber Pork Projects.  I have a sneaking suspicion the majority will go to HUB certified shadow companies controlled by politically connected types in the Chicago political mafia!

We will of course not be allowed to question these shameful political grafts and blatant paybacks. To do so will bring down the wrath of the MGMSM, complete with a catalog of pejoratives meant to libel and defame those who oppose the will of “The One”!  We have become a nation of cowards bowing to the will of a Mega Glomerate Main-Stream Media that today is little more than tabloid trash in it’s reporting and leftist ideologues in it’s editorials!

So what price change?  What price freedom?  What is the price for your very soul?

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