Penny For Your Thoughts, Dollar For Your Soul

What is the purpose of history if not to learn from same?  Yet we as a society seem totally oblivious to the lessons of history.  It’s like we have entered some collective dream state that paints a consistently rosy picture while ‘Rome Burns’ around us.  There are many reasons for this societal malaise which allows a totally unknown jackanapes get elected to the highest office in the land.

One of the reasons for this malaise is the MGMSM (Mega-Glomerate Main-Stream Media).  The MGMSM has the country in a kind of mesmerized apathy that allows a constant stream of propaganda to go unchallenged and/or ignored.  The propagandists of political rhetoric have carved out an ideological agenda in such a way that has the voting public convinced the MGMSM knows what is best and we should all conform to their wishes.  Objectivity has been replaced by ideology and discourse has been replaced by dogma.  We have supposed newscasters parading as journalists while having semi-religious spiritual experiences in the presence of the biggest conman and fraud to run for political office since Huey P. Long and Edwin Edwards, Barack Hussein Obomber!

The MGMSM, inculcated with left wing socialists and communists, is preaching a message of adoration for the present skunk in the White House, while attacking and denigrating anyone who disagrees with their farce.  They have seen that one of their own, an ardent practitioner of  the communist Saul Alinsky’s principles and the most left wing socialist in the history of the Senate, elected to the highest office in America!  The MGMSM has done everything it can to see their half white candidate elected and it will now come back to haunt them.  This mulatto fraud has instituted and will continue to institute every crackpot left wing policy he can get away with in collusion with a slobbering MGMSM regurgitating every word as if spoken by some Messiah.  The public that thought they had done the right thing going along with the MGMSM is now beginning to have doubts!

The Demoncratic Party is in fact trying to buy the citizens loyalty with promises, empty rhetoric, and little more than bread and circuses.  All the while amassing a huge debt paying off political cronies and giving handouts to the extememly and rich and the designated poor.  The middle class worker and business owner is left to fend for themselves and struggle with an economy that is headed towards extreme inflation and total destruction.

So how much is your vote and your soul worth?

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