Power of the Pejorative Position

I was reminded once again today of the political position by pejorative of the left wing attack dogs  and attendant salivating MGMSM.   The unmitigated lies being spewed by the leftist media hacks is being defended not by reasoned debate or logical determination, but by derision, name calling, or another words argument by pejorative.

This is part and parcel to the current tabloid yellow journalism adopted by the MGMSM.  Sensationalism over substance, agenda over truth, profits over professionalism, and political correctness over free thought and free speech!  Elitist snobbery paraded as intellectualism!  Arrogance of acquisition deflected by faux victim sensitivity and other such patronizing of the designated victim pool.

So there is no argument as far as the MGMSM is concerned because they have all the news they see fit to print and air!

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