The Currency Of Ignorance!

I do not know why I continue to be shocked by the level of ignorance around me.  This especially troublesome when it’s ‘friends’ and family.  To be confronted with ignorance in a social setting is to be expected in today’s world of “The One”.  What is really aggravating is the low level of socio-political awareness in my own family.  It is so not much their level of ignorance, but their contribution to the ignorance of the whole and therefore the Obomber phenomenon.

Lets face it, the election of this fraud Obomber is a manipulated aberration.  Something, that by past standards, should have never happened.  His political career has been carefully crafted since he first came to Chicago.  The opportunity to inject their ‘groomed boy’ into the political mainstream was handed to them when the corrupt Chicago political machine, and it’s attendant media knaves, crucified the Republican candidate for the Illinois US Senate seat! Then the Republicans, either through stupdity and/or corruption, ran a candidate who could not win an election for dog catcher much less a US Senate seat, Alan Keyes.   Satan himself in full regalia could have won that election! (Some would argue that is exactly what happened!)

After that debacle the still unknown lackey of the corrupt Chicago Democratic machine assumed his seat in the Senate and sat on his hands basically, putting forth no agenda, no propositions, nothing!  He was a perfect incarnation of the character in Mr Smith Goes to Washington.  That is, the character that the corrupt political machine wanted rather than the one Jimmy Stewart portrayed.  That’s right Barack Hussein Obomber is the porch monkey of a corrupt political machine just like one portrayed in the movie.  The plot is exactly the same, sit on your hands, say nothing, vote the way we tell you, and when the next elections come due, we’ll make you our very own house negro in the White House!  Is that not what basically happened today except that the criminals won out, I ask.  There is no proof to deny otherwise when you boil down all the ‘facts’!

Well what has this got to do with the currency of ignorance you ask?  Answer:  All of the above could not have occurred had not the public being kept in the dark about this aberration by the MGMSM!  Another words, ‘ignorant of the facts’. Obomber was kept in the shadows until just the right moment every time he was elected to public office.  The media was diverted away from him every time by deflection techniques well thought out and orchestrated.

He was first thrust in front of the national scene at the Kerry/Edwards Demoncratic Convention where his “eloquent” fully prepared, coached, and teleprompter speech was wildly accepted by the swooning inebriated loons in the audience.   This was the first real test by the ‘Machine’ to see if their puppet test marketed well to their core followers.  It was a resounding success as evidenced by the salivating of the MGMSM monkeys parroting everything he said with adoring platitudes and sickening praise!  No pretense of lost objectivity was put on full display by the media for the first time that night!

As soon as “The One” was shoved to the front of the line by his corrupt handlers, the conspiritorial MGMSM went into a frenzied full court press of adoration and salivating in order get their ‘designated victim’ representitive elected to an office he shoud have never been considred and is not qualified to hold!  The criminal conspiracy between the MGMSM and the corrupt Chicago Demoncratic political machine and by association the entire Demoncratic Party, in keeping the public ignorant as to the realities and shadowy background of the “The One Fraud”, is indicative of how powerful the MGMSM has become and what the ‘Currency of Ignorance’ will buy them!

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