Traumatic Government Adminstration Syndrome

The power of the Federal government seems so remote and all encompassing to the average person.  Many people are terrified of this power, but it should not be so!  The Constitution of United States is supposed to be more than a piece of paper with grand ideals put into fancy words and phrases.  The document is a written expression of the authors attempt to create a social environment wherein the will of the people controls a federated government structure with limited powers.  A contract if you will between citizens that guarantees certain rights and responsibilities of the citizens as the government.

What we have these days is a far cry from the original intent of the Constitution.  We have more government power than ever intended.  Yes we as a nation have had to confront some very bad things and will continue to have to do so in the future.  Taking apart the Constitution for reasons of national security, so called “civil rights”, or other specious fear mongering is not the answer to our present or future problems.  The rules are in place for very good reasons and those reasons have made us into the great nation that we are today and will continue to be if we only pay attention to things that really matter.

We have diluted the Constitution and the power of the people for reasons that seem understandable in many cases, but the long term results have been almost disastrous to our personal freedoms and moral base.  We no longer protect the unborn for example.  The unborn while still human beings and in the growing stage are now regarded as so much excess tissue to be discarded at the whim of the progenitors and the present medical establishment.  A medical establishment BTW that supposedly has a grand  moral code of their own, “Do No Harm”, that has been and is violated regularly for the sake of the “Infanticide Rights” of the progenitor.

We no longer have the same power as individuals that were first instituted by the original authors of the Constitution.  Our rights have been progressively abrogated through Congressional enactments and Presidential decrees.  The peoples right for redress as been diluted into something the Founding Fathers would not approve or recognize!  We should not have to live in fear of the bilious bureaucrats of the Federal Government, they should live in fear of the people and that is just not so these days.

We have become a  nation of government administered peons totally at the mercy of the over bloated federal, state, and local governments.  We have let our rights go out the window with our civic responsibilities.  The MGMSM(1) influenced arm chair voting methods we use in this country is despicable and disgraceful.  We now have popularity polls electing key government officials who are not beholden to the real voting public but their masters who finance their campaigns and provide them with a rich life for life.  This kind  of dishonest popularity politics must stop if we are to maintain even some semblance of a truly free and federated republic.

We must begin to initiate grass-roots political movements around issues.  I have seen this sort of thing work personally with the changing of the motorcycle rider equipment  laws, specifically mandatory helmet laws in Florida and other states.  State wide motorcycle rights organizations coalesced into one voice and petitioned the state legislators doggedly for years.  In many cases working to  help get favorable candidates elected in order to get the mandatory helmet laws lifted.  The pay off was overwhelmingly successful in Florida, Louisiana, Texas and many other states.

We are a nation suffering from Traumatic Government Administration Syndrome (TGAS). Relief from this malaise is not therapy, prescription drugs, or a combination of both.  The answer is a really a type of team building used in many corporate motivational training classes. Issue driven grassroots politics is just that, team building with the intent of a prescribed goal.  In this case it’s overhaul the government systems from the bottom up.  You start local and spread out to the higher levels of government.  It sounds easy on paper but requires sacrifice, tireless dogged determination, and money, as much as you can possibly raise.

It is never too late to start your own movement.  The internet is rife with people clamoring to be heard and with like minded ideas.  A quick search on any search tool will reward you with a plethora of contacts and interested parties.  The basic idea here is just this, DO IT UNTIL YOU WIN!

(1) MegaGlomerate MainStream Media (A term coined by the author, that be me, yo!)

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