The Depths of the Universal Politic – All That Lies Within!

One of my favorite subjects is particle physics believe it or not!  The infinitesimal is as awesome to me as the awesome magnitude of the known universe.  That is because they are in reality one in the same.  The forces that govern the internal structures of atoms are the same that govern the universe.   From what we can tell so far, “matter” seems to be the same everywhere we look in the universe.  The basic building blocks of matter are the same, everywhere!

It would therefore follow that any life that exists elsewhere in the known universe would follow the same rules of life that exists here on our planet.  The same rules of survival would also apply most likely and therefore we are not really unique, since the same rules do apply everywhere in the universe.  Yet for some odd reason we have the propensity to feel we are unique and that we have special license to behave in what ever manner takes our fancy at the moment.  We feel we are superior and therefore entitled to some great destiny over all other creatures because of our intellect.  We forget though that our intellect is a product of the very forces that created everything we see, feel, touch, smell, and yes even imagine!

It seems, so far as science can determine, we homo-sapient are the only creatures which can imagine more than what we see, feel, touch, sense, or smell.  We have the capability to extend our thoughts far beyond our immediate locale, far beyond the surface to the inner core of things.  We have the ability to ascertain the inner workings of things by careful examination of only the surface.  We have the ability to make complicated things that extend our ability to be creative and productive.  All the great creations of mankind lie first within us all, they are then externalized through thought sharing and cooperative construction practices.

Therefore the rules that govern the forces of the universe are also the ones forming the basis for what is called, logic.  Logic to me, is the science of determination.  Logic says IF ‘this’ happens; THEN ‘this’ is the result, i.e. IF you fart, THEN you will stink.  (A crude example, yet very effective in getting the idea or thought across.)  Thus logic structured by the laws of physics also by association, apply to the logical laws of human behavior and interaction, yet again for some strange reason there are those that determined to deny this unwavering logic.  They want to craft and twist the universal logic into something obtuse therein conforming with a prescribed ideological view of reality rather than the logical truths of human historical interaction and the sound logic of the ancient scholars.

So being made up of the same matter as the universe and a part of the universal laws of physics, I must ascertain the truths of human interaction based on universal logic and universal truths rather than  “feel good” rhetoric and a socialist Utopian dream that has failed everywhere it has been tried and/or forced on the people!

In closing here is a mental exercise in determinative logic: The vociferous progenitors of the aforementioned socialist utopia seem to be obsessed with PEACE!  GIVE PEACE A CHANCE!, they plead over and over ad nausea.  These  Peaceniks are so obsessed with PEACE, they are willing to kill, for you and I to have PEACE!  Sound absurd?  Well if you care to carefully listen, to the rhetoric of the “PEACE MOVEMENT” you’ll see that it’s not peaceful at all, but rather, forceful and militant!  Strange, but it seems true to my logical observations!  Based upon this observation, logic would dictate that if you are willing to ‘kill for peace’ then you would join the military, right?

Peace be unto you and yours!  It all lies within:-)

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