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Humble writings and observations;-)  An obtuse statement by some observations.  I have to be humble because I do not have the money necessary to be arrogant.  I have to think about that because the arrogance of money is sometimes unavoidable.  It is how well one controls the arrogance of money that shows true character in an person.

Humility also sometimes cuts thicker than arrogance and therefore can be a valuable tool in convincing others of ones sincerity and objectivity.  It is with humble sincerity that I attempt to shine a light on the dis-information of the MGMSM (MegaGlomerate MainStream Media) through the filter of my own life experience based observations and inherent “Doubting Thomas” skepticism.

Asking questions is the best way towards enlightenment.  I have asked many questions throughout my humble experience and not always to my satisfaction.  Yet I was no longer in ignorance of the facts either!

It seems that there is more ignorance than stupidity in the world.  Ignorance born out of mental laziness for one reason or another.  Illogical reasoning is one of the causes of ignorance.  This variety of ignorance seems to me to be a product of the present education system, from K-Grad School, that teaches an idealistic left wing socialist victim mantra from day one!  Individual achievement and personal responsibility are anathema in today’s educational system, and now the present left wing scalawags in power want more of the same!

Ignorance also comes from the present form of “political correctness” wherein illegal speech codes are promulgated and governed by an orthodoxy of left wing victim mongers and sycophants of murdering tyrants, i.e. Castro, Che, Chavez, Mao, Stalin, and every other communist/socialist ilk known to terrorize mankind throughout recent history!  The LEWDS (Left Wing Demoncrats) in this country rail on and on about free speech rights, but that is only true as long as your speech is their approved speech!  The examples are numerous and sad.  Sad that we must cave into the mentality that we must regulate speech that offends one designated victim group or another while offensive speech against objecting non-victim  groups is applauded and encouraged.

How can this happen in the land of the free and the home of the brave.  Easy!  It’s called a “Comfort Zone“.  The MGMSM influenced modern day mental imprisonment of free men and women!  The MGMSM knows the art of the Comfort Zone very, very well.  They are masters of a an insidious art that was perfected many years ago by unknown nondescript paper hanger and flailing artist.  His name was Adolf Hitler.

Hitler and his crew perfected the very machinations that are being used today by the MGMSM in order to promulgate; misinformation, disinformation, confusion, and in some cases outright lies all wrapped up in a nice little “comfortable” presentation, another words promoting ignorance!

Comfortable ignorance; that blissful state that makes you feel like you are very the image of what the MGMSM say’s you should be, enlightened, diverse, sensitive, and most of all “Politically Correct” by the MGMSM’s standards of course!  It is those “standards” that are the insidious part of this dangerous delusion called, “Political Correctness”.  The people of Germany woke up one day and found out too late what those “standards” meant from Herr Hitler and company.  It meant one thing only, oppression and tyranny, not freedom!

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